Athena: Goddess of War - Netflix

Posted by Editor on Wed 26 June 2019

A terrorist group known as Athena and led by evil mastermind Son Hyuk threatens South Korea and the world. It is now up to special agent Lee Jung Woo of the National Security Agency to foil their terrifying conspiracy. Jo Soo Young, the daughter of the South Korean president, is kidnapped and hidden away in Italy. Jung Woo and his team are given the assignment to find her and bring her back.

Athena: Goddess of War - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2010-12-13

Athena: Goddess of War - List of war deities - Netflix

A war deity is a god or goddess in mythology associated with war, combat, or bloodshed. They occur commonly in both monotheistic and polytheistic religions. Unlike most gods and goddesses in polytheistic religions, monotheistic deities have traditionally been portrayed in their mythologies as commanding war in order to spread their religion. (The intimate connection between “holy war” and the “one true god” belief of monotheism has been noted by many scholars; including Jonathan Kirsch in his book God Against The Gods: The History of the War Between Monotheism and Polytheism and Joseph Campbell in The Masks of God, Vol. 3: Occidental Mythology.) The following is a partial list of war deities.

Athena: Goddess of War - Hindu mythology - Netflix

Chamunda, Goddess of war and disease Durga, The fiercer, demon-fighting form of Shiva's wife, the goddess Parvati Hanuman, God associated with war, wisdom, and courage Indra, God of war, storms, and rainfall Kali, Goddess associated with time, change, and war Kartikeya, God of war and battle Kathyayini, Goddess of vengeance and victory Mangala, God of war Matrikas, Goddesses of war, children, and emancipation Parasurama, Axe God “Rama with an axe”, God of war and battle, Shiva, God of avenging and destroying Yama, God of Death Narasimha, God of Justice Ganesha, Heroically taking action against demons Kalki, Destroyer of foulness, darkness and ignorance Virabhadra, The God of Warriors Nirrti, Goddess of Strife Rama, God associated with War, Justice, Kingship Krishna, God of strategies of War

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